Its about time!

It’s with much joy and anticipation that I relaunch my blog. I mentioned a few weeks back, or maybe even months back at this point that I was working on a new plan for my blog. After much thinking, praying, and processing I’ve come up with a new plan for sharing about my life and ministry.

The first three years of my blog were full of updates and highlights of my ministry. Much of this time was spent sharing about the day-to-day as well as new things going on. As you can imagine after you’ve written about those topics for 3 years it gets a little redundant, so towards the end of last year I started thinking about changing things up a bit! My hope and plan is to convey to my readers what God is doing through church planting in NYC as well as my life personally.

So here is what you can expect moving forward! 4 blogs each month touching on one of these topics!

Church Planting. These posts will include articles, tips and resources for church planters, church planting team members and church planting partners. I will share ideas on encouragement, support, and ways that you can be involved in church planting. This will probably be the hardest for me to write, as I’m really no expert, but I will be using experiences I’ve had, things I’ve learned from others and resources I find. So bare with me, I hope it will be encouraging and uplifting.

New City Church. These posts will tell stories about things going on at New City! This will include things like what our mission teams are doing, how interns are serving our church and lots of information about our ongoing ministries! You will hopefully see how God is at work through NCC.

People Stories. These posts will be stories of people in my life and ministry! It will even include videos of some of our church members sharing with you how God is transforming their lives. It will be exciting stuff!

New York Experiences. These will be fun posts on things I like to do, experiences I have had and will hopefully share with you what life is like in NYC. I love exposing people to my great city. I hope to paint a picture that will make people want to come visit, pray more, and be more involved in the work of God in NYC.

That’s a glimpse of what my blog will look like starting now!! Please let me know if you have ideas for new posts. I’ve made a list of what I want to share from here to the end of the year but if you have a fun idea, I might change those up a bit to include things you, my readers, find interesting.

Thanks for your continued love, support and prayers for my ministry here. God has done and will continue to do great things in this great city and I look forward to being a part of it for as long as He will have me.

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