Buzzfeed is my life.

Not like “its my life… I can’t live without it” but more like “its my life…literally I could have written this article”. Most of the buzzfeed staff live in cities like NYC so much of what they write about is relatable so when I saw this post today, I couldn’t help but think you guys might enjoy reading it and then seeing how this list has played out in my life.

So click the article and read:

19 Bizarre Things about NYC Apartments most Americans will never get

Now here are 9 ways I can totally relate:

  1. I have paid a brokers fee to rent an apartment…something I only thought was possible when you buy real estate.
  2. I’ve lived in a three bedroom 1 bathroom apartment with 4 girls.
  3. Tiny bedroom been there.
  4.  No closet, yep! I pulled out some pinterest skills to create hanging space.
  5. I have had all the laundry options: no laundry at all, laundry in the building, and laundry in unit… I prefer no laundry at all b.c its actually easier (and surprisingly affordable) to pay someone else to do it.
  6. #12 pretty much my exact kitchen in my first place, I had a sofa table I used for counter space.
  7. I’ve used a lot of duct table and screws to get my AC units into windows.
  8. #18 I literally spent a whole winter with my windows opened all the time! And the noises radiators make are creepy!
  9. Thankfully the NYC apartment search for me has been over for a while and there is nothing nightmarish about where I live now! But to all my homies still living in the chaos I haven’t forgotten you or where I came from!

**this article failed to mention bugs, crazy neighbors, weed, and times where you find fecal matter on your door step/street and I am sure the list could go on and on.


I once lived in mission team housing had to put this sign up to protect my life and property


And I used the bunk bed to create a tv stand


One half of my first real apartment


the other half of that apartment


And most of the time the post office is real stellar.


And I had a mission team walk stuff 3 blocks to a new apartment b.c it wouldnt all fit in a van.


but when you have views like this who’s complaining!



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