lessons in leadership

All of us are leaders. You may not have some high power leadership job but you are leading others, even if you are unaware of it. God has called each of us to a specific role, in a specific place, and for this specific time. He has gifted us and He is using our experiences to grow us and changes. And the really cool thing is He is using us to grow and change others. This got me to thinking of some leadership skills I’ve experienced and some I’d like to grow in. Let me share them with you.


As leaders we probably spend way too much time talking. We should talk less and listen more. Don’t just hear them but pay attention to what people are saying! Listening gains trust!

Share your lives with others.

Isn’t this one of greatest gifts of leadership. Be open to share your life with the people around you… have meals together, play together, cry together, laugh together. This will bring joy to both parties!

Think the best in others.

This was a leadership lesson shared with me a couple years ago and when it was said I had this “ah ha” moment where I was like of course that is what we should be doing but for some reason it doesn’t always naturally occur to me!

Be authentic. 

Share your vision and live your values, be yourself. What does being yourself look like, to me it means not just agreeing with other people or forming your opinions based on what you perceive others want. Sometimes that even means looking closely to identify who we really are.

Be gracious. 

So you are being yourself and you don’t agree with someone, handle that with grace and kindness. Always show respect in conversation and realize differences in opinions don’t have to lead to broken relationships.

Realize when you are wrong.

Don’t beat yourself up about it but realizing and owning where you are wrong will build trust and authenticity within in your community!

What are some practical leadership principles you live by?


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