It’s come to my attention that I need to do a full update here about my church planting work. So here goes. From the very beginning of New City, our team talked about being a church that multiples. We created a couple of long term, big picture strategies that captured my heart as we planned to plant churches along the 7 train line into Queens. Fast forward a few years later in 2017, God led Michael and Shannon Hill to join our team with the hopes of seeing this strategy played out. I went to Patrick last summer and mentioned that I had been praying about being a part of this strategy for some time and with his blessing I joined Michael and Shannon to start preparations for New City’s first church plant.

The area we have identified as the best place for a launching point for this strategy is the Queensboro Plaza area of Long Island City. This area is a phenomenal picture of Queens’ ethnic diversity as well as its propensity for urban growth. The rapid change happening across this area is seeing more and more high-rise apartments being built. Right off the Queensboro Plaza 7 train station you have three distinct communities merging together into one. Just to the west you have the nations largest housing project with 10K+ low income New Yorkers just trying to survive day by day. Just to the north you have a blue collar area where families have lived for years and years. And just south of the bridge you see 5000+ new luxury high-rise apartment units attracting more and more former Manhattanites to Queens.  Each of these areas has a magnificent view of one of my favorite bridges, The Queensboro/59th St Bridge.

Over the past 18 months we have begun serving and loving on this area as we have researched and experienced life in this community. You know what we have found? People here need Jesus. They need hope, compassion, community, and new life in Christ. They need a church that loves them and will provide a bridge to not only the gospel but also to other lives in the community. So we have named our new church plant The Bridge Community Church. We pray God will use this faith community to bridge these three areas together into a family. We want to be a place where rich and poor, young and old, newbies and locals can all come together to care for each other and share life together.

So with high hopes and God sized expectations we are putting our feet to the pavement in Queensboro Plaza to plant a church.

Here’s what we’ve done so far:

  • Many, many hours of prayer walking the area
  • Hosted 2 summers of interns doing research and serving the community
  • Hosted many teams that have done park outreaches, street cleaning, surveys and prayer walks
  • Spent hours in the Queensbridge Housing Projects loving on people and hearing their stories
  • Formed a core team of 11 people that have begun meeting together for Bible Study and prayer
  • Began meeting as a leadership team to plan, pray, and begin the work
  • and many, many other small things that make up the plans to start a church.
Here’s whats coming up:
  • Later this month we will host a community carnival, much like the one New City has hosted for years.
  • We will host our first preview service this month with preview services planned over the next few months.
  • After our carnival we will be begin inviting others in the area to a small group, this will be an evangelistic opportunity for others to begin exploring Scripture and Christian community with us.
  • We will host a coat distribution in December and following that will have another preview service.
  • We will continue to pray over the neighborhood and share the hope of Christ in word and deed.
  • We plan to launch spring 2019.
  • and we plan to do many, many more things that make up a new church!
So I know I missed some things but this I hope gives you a good picture of what God has been up to in my ministry and the things that are to come. In the prayer section I will include some specific requests for you guys to lift up for us!

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