Week Off

Hey friends.  I just arrived in Atlanta for the week of training with the North American Mission Board.  I just wanted to drop you a short note to let you know I will not be posting my regularly scheduled blogs this week.  I will use this week to consentrate on my studies.  Continue to pray that God will teach me much!

A couple of blessings though I wanted to share with you.  Not sure why I am always so amazed by God’s blessings but I was blown away today by my sister’s chiropractor.  I have been having some trouble with my left knee and right foot so I thought while in Knoxville I would have someone look at it.  Misty really likes her chiropractor so we stopped by there this morning and he did an examine and adjustment for me and gave me some tips for long term care of both of them.  When I got ready to pay he said it was on the house!  He thanked me for my ministry and explained how he likes be a ministry to others in ministry/missions.  It was certainly a ministry to me and I thank God for partners in ministry that I dont even really know!  Secondly, I am really thankful my dad accompanied me to ATL for the week!  He gave me a ride and is going to keep me company this week when I am not in class.  Say a prayer for him, as he spends time while I am in class having a ministry retreat (he’s a preacher for those that dont know him)!

PS pretend thats me studying in the feature photo 🙂